Recycled Container

The NoMozzie bottle is made from 100% recycled consumer plastic.

When we started to look at what material to choose for the NoMozzie bottle, we considered glass, aluminium and plastic. At first it seemed obvious that we should go with glass, but glass has two major drawbacks for something that needs to travel: it’s heavy and it’s breakable. Aluminium is neither, but it’s easily dented and scratched, and can provide a poor seal with various closures – again not ideal for a travel product. So we decided to use 100% “Post Consumer Recycled/Resin” (PCR) plastic. Although the UK is a world leader in plastic recovery (apparently 55% in 2019), it’s obvious that we need to actually start making more products out of that recycled material so that we can start reducing our overall consumption.

PCR and “closed-loop” recycling is the way forward. Plastic isn’t going to go away any time soon, so if we can start to close the recycling loop we can cut down on Greenhouse Gas and start to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. We’re not the only ones that think so – have a look here: Huffington Post, Ecover, Neal’s Yard, The Body Shop, Unilever.

Recycled Plastic Bottle

We’re helping to “close the loop” on recycling by using recycled consumer plastic for our bottles. The bottle is recyclable (again) – when empty just pop it in your recycling bin.

No Overcap

We use a locking cap so there’s no loose overcap to get lost and end up in the ocean.

Peelable Label

The label peels off the bottle to make recycling even cleaner. The adhesive is carefully controlled so that by the time you’ve finished a bottle, it will have started to peel off.

Biodegradable Formula

The ingredients we use in NoMozzie are all readily biodegradble in soil. We don’t use synthetics so we aren’t introducing anything new into the environment.

NoMozzie environmentally-friendly packaging