Planting Trees with TreeSisters

TreeSisters and NoMozzie

We are so excited to announce that No Mozzie is partnering with the fantastic UK-based charity, and we have committed to planting “one tree for every order placed” on our website. That’s right – for every single order we receive via, No Mozzie will ensure that a tree is planted in one of the projects supported by TreeSisters.

This isn’t Greenwashing, or a cynical attempt to offset carbon. This is a simple commitment towards what may well be the only real way to combat mankind’s continued CO2 emissions.

The TreeSisters organization runs re-forestation projects around the world, and has been doing so since 2014. Their strategy is simple but extremely effective: empower and encourage women around the world to take the lead in repairing the damage caused by decades of de-forestation and forest mis-management.

Please read more about their global projects and work here.